About Us

Batya is a place to belong for teenage girls - a place to smile, chill, learn, laugh, and grow!


Our mission is to give teenagers a meaningful and enjoyable Jewish experience while helping them mature and develop as happy, growing, responsible and confident adults.

About Us

Batya is a place to belong for Jewish teenage girls - a youth group that encourages acceptance, character building, leadership, outreach, and self-development.

Batya members come from a variety of background and levels of affiliation, and in our uniquely warm and friendly environment, they develop meaningful relationships that last a lifetime.

Batya's programs are designed to cultivate an appreciation for Jewish heritage and for life, while empowering members to discover and develop their potential as contributing members of society.

What We Do

Our assorted weekly programs are tailored to suit the varying needs and interests of today’s teens. Throughout the year we run weekly events offering learning, crafts and creativity, and volunteer and leadership training.

Trips and special events are designed to strengthen relationships, skills, and self-awareness, while encouraging our girls to ‘love life’ with a fun and upbeat approach.

Our Reps (Responsible, Energetic, Personable Staff) are dedicated volunteers who serve as mentors and friends to each of the girls, building meaningful and lasting relationships.


Batya was born in 2006 when a group of Hebrew School graduates and their teacher began an exciting pilot program. The four seventh graders would meet biweekly in Marlboro, NJ, and with crafts, projects and Jewish themed activities, they had a great time and stayed connected. By the end of its first year, the new Batya youth group had 18 seventh and eighth graders actively involved.

The group flourished, with girls, parents, and schools referring others to experience the safe, warm, and friendly atmosphere that is Batya's trademark. Friendships blossomed, and Batya became an extended family for those involved. By 2009, Batya had founded three more weekly programs in different communities and was running separate programs for middle school and high school students.

Today, Batya has branches in multiple communities and services hundreds of girls throughout the tri-state area and beyond.