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The Ira Sweet Jewish Identity Initiative

BatyaJewishIdentityFlyer (1)For 7th and 8th grade girls – providing a complete and solid foundation of knowledge, information, and positive connection.
Develop a personal identity as a productive member of the Jewish community and society at large.
8 weekly sessions

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Dedicated in loving memory of Ira Sweet

Empower with knowledge…Ignite with passion…Inspire with love

Equipped for Campus Life

BatyaJewishIdentityFlyer6 week interactive crash course for grades 9-12 on foundations of Jewish identity and values geared to the thinking Jewish teen who wants to enter college fully equipped
for current campus life challenges.

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Inspire and be Inspired
A beautiful and inspirational Shabbos experience replete with delicious food, workshops, entertainment, and camaraderie!


Build ad


Building Understanding, Initiative and Leadership Development

Batya’s BUILD program is an exclusive program open to select applicants who have demonstrated an interest and ambition toward developing true leadership skills.  Eligibility for the BUILD program will require proven interest in leadership opportunities, references, and a commitment to Leadership and Volunteer hours.  BUILD offers its participants a comprehensive leadership training including Skill Acquisition Workshops for leadership qualities such as teamwork, innovation and initiative, empathy, self-identity, public speaking, confidence development, and awareness and tolerance.   These skills will be enhanced by exclusive BUILD activities and events, community service projects, and guest speakers which will expose members to real life leadership opportunities in a professional and progressive manner.

BUILD is open to girls in 10th-11th grade.   Acceptance into BUILD requires a commitment to attend all meetings and events, complete assigned tasks, and participate positively in all projects.  Participation in BUILD and ACTION can fulfill requirements for leadership and community service hours required by many schools and honors programs, the National Honor Society, and more.   Reference letters, documentation, and certificates of completion will be provided to all members.


Due to its intense nature of teamwork development and endurance training, our annual WOW trip is a great jumpstart to the BUILD program.  Participants of WOW who perform well will gain first consideration for acceptance to BUILD.  WOW 2014 will offer an advanced program for BUILD members.

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The Ultimate Summer Trip Experience.

Week On Wheels.  A fabulous, intense summer trip with a focus on friendships, team building, independence and self-esteem, while enjoying all-out incredible summer fun!!!!


Explore, Excite, Experience.

NYC, Ski Retreat, The beach, Camping, Snow Tubing, Outdoor Laser Tag, Bowling… Join Batya on our incredible day and overnight trips!


Batya Bubbies Club

Connect with real or adoptive grandparents through intergenerational projects, sharing of letters and pictures, and the Batya Bubbies Bulletin!


Promoting Jewish Youth Leadership.

Develop leadership skills and help others as a volunteer at Hebrew school! Assist with tutoring, office work, babysitting, lunch prep, and more!

The Marcus Lipshitz A.C.T.I.O.N Program

Reach out. Make a difference.

Acts of Caring: Together Impacting Others in Need Reach out to others and experience the gift of giving.


The Place to Find Your Place.

Discover the world of Jewish tradition through crafts, baking, games, and exciting activities while making friends and having fun!