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WOW 2014!!!


August 6-10!
Wow extended August 6-17!
Upstate NY… Vermont… Montreal, Quebec!!!

ShabBatya 2014!!!!


ShabBatya Retreat was the awesomestest!

Texted girls to rate Shabbatya from 1 to 10 and why.
Here’s direct quote feedback:

~10 because i got 2 meet new friends in an open and friendly environment

~10 bc of the awesome ppl and inspiring speakers- btw mrs b. was rlly amazing

~10 for sure. I had a great time!! It was very inspirational and I learned a lot.

~10 the chassidish girls and the batya girls and reps an the families that came
were awesome and I liked the part where married reps came. But mostly the people and especially the chassidim

~the shabatone was amazing I met some really cool people.
The activities were fun and mostly worked 4 all ages, and the atmosphere
was warm and having all those hosts was a great idea.
Really it was a great fantabulous awesome shabatone. Go Batya!!!!

~Of course a 10!!! And cuz everyone was so nice and sweet and it was so nice meeting and getting to know new girls from all over America

~i think shabatya was an incredible success! Girls had a blast , I really loved it! Everything was awesome it realy was an impeccable Shabbos!!!!

~1000000000 Bc I loved the programs and the girls and swimming and singing and everything

~10, it was great to have all my Batya girls from all over!!! Especially all the singing, eating and uplifting speeches made this one of the most memorable shabbatyas yet.

~45! It was awesome:)